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Protective Packaging

“Thinking Inside the Box”

Cellox was founded in 1961 to provide protective cushioning products made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) to brand manufacturers and distributors of all types. We custom mold protective cushions for all sizes, shapes, weights and hazardous environments in which customers, business and industrial products can be found.

Cellox adds value through our understanding of a customer’s entire supply chain coupled with a collaborative evaluation of a particular product’s protection requirements within that supply chain. This includes an understanding of the product’s value and the brand reputation and cost ramifications of product that is found damaged in its package when opened. Cellox designs, tests and manufactures protective cushioning systems using the appropriate high quality closed cell expandable polystyrene materials available to provide the most cost effective solutions to any customer situation.

Cellox also manufacturer cold-shippers for temperature sensitive products as well as shippers for wine, champagne and other beverages and liquids.