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Foam Coolers

Foam Coolers

From its inventory of classic cooler molds, Cellox provides a number of cooler types that have proven themselves exceptionally useful and durable over the years. These coolers are readily manufactured and delivered on demand. Coolers in which to ship products that need to stay cold. Coolers for bait, coolers for worm farmers, cooler for sports events, coolers for picnics, coolers for fishing and coolers as advertising specialties.

Coolers with decals, coolers with labels, painted coolers, silk-screened coolers and even coolers with our exclusive in-mold de-bossing of logo’s and other desired decorations.

The wonderful thing about EPS is that is can be molded into just about any shape desired for any specific purpose imaginable. We’ve molded beer can receptacles onto fishing coolers and special handles onto coolers so they can more easily be carried by hand.

At, Cellox, we will listen carefully to your needs for a cooler any size, any shape and we will design one for you that will meet those needs at a price you want to pay.