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Marketing at Retail - Display Components

“Magic in the Last Three Feet of Brand Marketing”

Compared to all other media, retail promotion is by far the best means of communicating an optimally timed, brand differentiating message. It is at the point of the retail purchase that all of marketing, in fact all of business, justifies its existence because marketing at retail is the last three feet of a brand marketer’s opportunity to influence a purchase.

-          Breakthrough displays are eye-catching and cause consumers to stop and investigate.

-          Breakthrough displays are creative, they amuse and entertain.

-          Breakthrough displays show shapes and form.

-          Breakthrough displays are colorful to increase brand recognition.

-          Breakthrough displays combine shapes, forms, color, motion, sound and even scent and integrate as many of them as possible into the brand message.

Cellox has been helping display manufacturers create breakthrough displays for over 61 years. We are one of the only companies in America to decorate display components in-house as a  result of our exceptional experience in decorating EPS three dimensional forms. Now more than ever, Cellox offers multi-sense appealing display components to differentiate display manufacturers and increase brand results at the point of purchase. And we are both flexible and responsive. You will find it  pleasure to do business with us.

Many of the custom displays pictured below are shown for informational purposes only and not for sale.