Packaging – CELPAX

celpaxProtective packaging was how CELLOX got its start. With more than 55 years of experience our CELPAX products have protected numerous brands and consumer goods. We custom mold protective cushions for all sizes, shapes, weights, and hazardous environments in which our customers, business and industrial products can be found.

CELLOX offers value through understanding the customer’s entire supply chain and helps to collaborate an evaluation of a particular product’s protection requirements within that supply chain.

Additional benefits of our molded CELPAX cushions are a smooth molded surface that will not scratch like corrugate or fabricated foam parts may. Our CELPAXs are recyclable and can incorporate recycled content for those looking to do so. Talk to us about your other special needs like higher insulation, impact/density, colors, flammability, food contact, environmental, etc. We are all ears…call us today.