Cellox’s Value Proposition is High Value, Exceptional Experience

Protective cushioning products makes up 60% of the Cellox product mix and volume is growing rapidly.

• Cellox specializes in cost-effective, custom, complex protective cushioning parts. For us, one size does not fit all.

• Cellox molds expanded polystyrene to make protective cushions for clients. I addition, we can wire cut, glue joints or fabricate parts as needed. This creates a consistently strong, yet flexible protective cushion.

• Cellox simply will not reduce dwell time in the mold to increase part through-put. No flash molding that reduces weld strength so as to reduce cost and improve our return. If it takes 55 seconds in the mold, it gets 55 seconds in the mold.

• Cellox’s long history of molding protective cushioning parts has allowed the education and development of highly skilled and experienced tooling craftsmen, so important to protective cushion and overall package design. Our experts know the general dangers in the supply chain and will want to understand those dangers that are specific to yours.

They will want to understand your product, your internal production and handling processes and how you move the product to your final customer. They will want to understand how much the damage typically found in the handling process and in the supply chain is costing you. Saving a penny on a part that is less than optimal may be far outweighed in product damage, customer dissatisfaction, lost brand value, lost production time and increased waste.

In addition to estimating a price for your current protective packaging parts, our experts will present you with creative design options for your protective cushioning parts so as to optimize product protection, and to minimize packaging and damage costs perhaps more effectively than your current design.

• Cellox tooling craftsman can quickly create prototypes to facilitate design decision making.

• Cellox is flexible and responsive. Short lead time, reduced cycle time, reduced inventory holding cost, fast turnaround and “just-in-time” are all part of our customer vocabulary.

Current Cellox protective cushioning clients are in the furniture, window and door, appliance and HVAC industries to name just a few.